Sue’s Top Ladies Shoes For Summer 2020

Whether you’re walking the dog, heading into town for some fresh air or are doing the weekly shop; being in lockdown doesn’t mean your feet can’t look and feel great. Find out which summer shoes Sue Marshall has picked as her ‘must-have’ favourites to wear this season.


One word: fab! I picked these because I’ve worn Softinos for years. They always use really soft, quality leathers and are stitched specifically so the seams run over your feet in the right places without digging in. I love the colour and they fit me well, which is the main thing as I do have wide feet. With them being such a soft leather they mould to your feet quickly, making them extra comfy.

I’ve had a few pairs of these in my lifetime and wear them to death because I put them on to do everything in; the shopping, walking the dog, around the house – they’re perfect for every day.

Rieker trainer

I picked these because (you might have guessed), they’re great for everyday wear; you can put them on for walking the dog or meeting up with friends. The style is a really simple navy trainer with nice detail on the front (apron) and sides, which lightens them up a bit. If you struggle with narrow shoes, these will be great for you. And, best of all, I can wear them with anything!

If I’m being honest, I don’t usually wear Rieker. I always used to find their shoes can be slightly too tight on the toes, but these caught my eye and I’m glad I tried a pair on as they fit very well.

Tamaris sandal

I love them! I love the colour, the idea of just popping them on in the spring/summer and heading out for the day. They’re easy to dress up or down, and there’s a nice amount of sparkly detail on the edge that gives them an extra touch. These slip ons are a good day to evening sandal (not that we’re able to go abroad at the moment!) as they’re so versatile.

Rieker trainer

Again, I fell in love with the colour. I love green and navy (and brights for the summer) so these are perfect. They’re really soft to wear with plenty of room at the end for your toes to fit and are great for wide feet. The zip also works! This helps hugely for me as I do have a high instep, they’re easy to put on and get your foot in.

Rieker sandal

See, I wouldn’t usually go for sandals (I’m not hugely keen on showing my toes!) but I picked a few as part of my selection. This style of sandal I can wear with a dress or trousers as they’re made with an elegant strap on the side to secure your foot.

Since they’re more of a flatform than a heel or wedge, they’re comfortable to wear whether you’re heading around town (you wouldn’t power walk in them!) or to the supermarket. I love the nautical colour palette, I wear a lot of navy casually and dressy so I can go from day to night in them.


The bright red colour really stood out to me and I think they’re fab. Waldlaufer make their shoes with removable footbeds so they fit really well. Whether you dress them up or down, they’re an all day shoe that come with a nice metallic finish to take you through to the evening. You could either make the shoes your statement piece or work them in as part of your overall look. I do have a weak spot when it comes to bright colourful shoes, and these scream statement!


These are brilliant as they’re made with a robust woven canvas. The trainers open up wide all the way down, making them easy to slip your feet in whilst still maintaining a good, supportive structure. Very comfy and breathable! I must admit I have had this style from Skechers before, I took the navy from the winter collection.


I love Wolky, always have and always will. I’ve worn their shoes for years and they are the foundation of how we started the shops – they are colourful, comfortable and casual! I love the Nortec style this season, particularly for its colour and because, like all of their products, they come with removable cork footbeds which mould to the shape of your foot. Plus, they’re leather lined, meaning your feet won’t sweat whilst wearing them. Although they’re on the higher price range, they’re absolutely worth every penny!

Heavenly Feet

Who wouldn’t want a pair of yellow boots! The colour is FAB! These will go great with jeans, whether in the cooler summer or in autumn. They’re just really fun!!


Oh my nautical theme comes back again! They’re a lovely bright colour mix and they’re a very generous fit too, which is very important for me. Again, a great everyday shoe to go about your day in, especially for someone who doesn’t ever wear heels.

Remonte trainers

Who wouldn’t want a pair of yellow trainers to go with my boots! It was the colour that took me to them initially. A generous fit, they looked great with my khaki cut offs that I was wearing at the time! Although they have a thick sole, they don’t feel heavy once they’re on. Both comfortable and supportive to walk in.

Sticking with Remonte because the yellow style fit so well, I had to try these on. The white trainers stood out to me because of the lovely stripy lace. While I’d have to be careful not to do my usual routine in these (to try and keep them white), they’re a really nice comfortable trainer to wear out and about and anywhere you know you won’t get covered in mud! Plus, because it’s a white trainer…it goes with everything!

What shoes would you pick as your top 3 and why?

If I was pushed to pick my favourite, out these are I would say the Wolky for everyday, the Skechers for walking the dog, and the Rieker sandal if I was going out. But, it’s very difficult – it was hard enough getting it down to 12!!

If you’re thinking of buying a new pair of shoes this season, take a look at our ‘fabulous’ ladies shoes range, as quoted from Sue Marshall. All our shoes are available to buy online, and while we’re still in lockdown, you can even order over the phone.

Simply browse our collection in person and take a stroll past our Cockermouth and Penrith shops and take a look at our window display. To make an order, just call us on 01900 821889 and state the product code displayed with the shoe to make an order.

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